3D Ripper DX

3D Ripper DX 1.8

Captures geometry, textures, shades during the rendering process
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Captures various elements (geometry, textures, shades) and imports them into 3D Studio Max or Maya and provides information about them like renderstate textures info, vertex streams, index stream and more.

3D Ripper DX is a small unique utility that allows you to capture various 3D scenes and objects during the game and export them to 3DS Max or Maya programs. Using this program you can capture all the game's geometry, textures, shaders, including 3D objects, and even whole locations. This utility can be useful for people who want to create free additional applications for games.

When you start 3D Ripper DX, you should point out the way to the .exe file of the game you want to take objects from. Also you have to setup some capture parameters in the “Options” field: hot keys for captures, what objects you are going to capture and the output folders. Then press the “Launch” button and the game will be launched via 3D Ripper DX, not directly. If the game supports DirectX 9.0, the message “Ready to capture” will appear, that means you can start capturing the objects. Then launch 3DS Max program and import the captured scenes or objects. In this way you can capture scenes from any games, which support DirectX 9.0 and use them for creating custom modifications of those games.

Julia Galygo
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